by Sylvia Kinkaid

August 2003
ISBN: 1-58608-326-0
Reviewer Graphic Button New Concepts Publishing

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Aslyn is fifteen when the curse descends on her and changes her life forever. She is celebrating her betrothal to Wilhelm when he is mauled to death by a wolf. She awakens naked and covered with blood and fears the worst. She leaves her home in search of a cure for her sickness.

Three years pass. With each full moon, Aslyn becomes more despairing of ever finding a cure. Each night that she wakes up covered with blood only adds to her pain. In her journey, she helps a peasant woman and her child. In exchange for her healing, the family offers her a place to stay where Aslyn knows she will be safe until the next full moon. She encounters Kale, a huntsman for the King and Algar, a knight of the King's.

She feels revulsion for Algar. There is something about him that scares her even though Kale is the one who causes her heart to race. He is the one she trusts to keep her safe, but she knows that she can never tell him her secret. Who would believe her? What Aslyn doesn't know is that she and Kale have a shared moment in their pasts that makes it impossible for them to forget each other. Kale must teach her to trust him with her darkest secret if they are to survive Algar's wrath.

The short length of the story makes the ending feel rushed. Aslyn's acceptance in the end of the thing she feared the most is a little too implausible. I would have preferred more background on Kale and his people. The relationship between Kale and Aslyn is less in-depth then I would like.

Blood Moon is an interesting plot and nicely told story that suffers from being too short a book.

Reviewed in September 2003 by Jenni.

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