by Blaise Kilgallen

August 2003
ISBN: 1-931761-74-8
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It has been fifteen years since Carla Mooreís husband died and fifteen years since her last intimate experience with a man. When she spies gorgeous Evan Lupo tending the yard at her workplace, the urge to meet her sexual needs becomes imperative and she finds herself strongly attracted to him, despite the differences in their ages.

When Evan invites Carla on a date and agrees to become her stud for a night, the two began a scorching affair that neither wants to end, but a couple of issues stand in their way. Can Carla put her faith in a love with a younger man or will her doubts about their future make her deny her heartís own voice? And even if Carla listens to her heart, will she and Evan survive the danger unearthed as Evan digs through mob waters while searching for his fatherís killer?

Although Carla and Evan steamed up the pages with their sexual encounters, there were blemishes in this story, which greatly distracted from my reading pleasure. For instance, the language was not always in sync with the charactersí personalities and behaviors. Several times, words came out of Carlaís mouth that read so strangely, I had to reread the paragraph to make sure it was really her speaking.

Albeit I thought it was a good idea to introduce danger into the story with Evanís search for his fatherís killer, this led more to unanswered questions than to an engaging premise. I felt as if I had been given a BLT without the lettuce.

I did however enjoy the erotic play on words with the title, Wild Knights. There were extremely gorgeous wild knights and some very titillating wild nights due to Kilgallenís fine talent with the intimate scenes.

Reviewed in September 2003 by Natasha.

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