by Lisa Kleypas

January 2004
ISBN: 0-380-81108-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback

Growing up as a servant at Stony Cross Park in Hampshire, England, John McKenna is happy. Heís liked by his friends and loved by the young Lady Aline Marsden. It might not be perfect, as both of them are aware of their social standing, but all the stolen moments they share are magical. A magic that is shattered with the discovery of their relationship, his dismissal and Alineís refusal to provide him with any hope.

Years later McKenna returns to Stony Cross Park a rich, powerful and very sexy man, seeking revenge on the lady that told him to leave. Ready to play a dangerous game of seduction he soon finds himself seduced by his quarry. The woman whom he never stopped loving.

In Again The Magic Lisa Kleypas provides an interesting glimpse of the differences of the old and the new world and its contrasts in values, morals and traditions. McKenna and Aline are equals, maybe not in their social standing, but definitely in their strengths, their dreams, their emotions and their pride. They belong together and how they convince themselves and their environment of it is a journey worth traveling to its very satisfying ending.

The readersí satisfaction comes from the strong emotional bond that exists between McKenna and Aline. And whereas other authors might have been tempted to burden down the story and its characters with pain, resentment and anger, Lisa Kleypas allowed those feelings to be pushed aside by tenderness, wonder, love and desire. And whereas another author might have succumbed to an easy way out, Lisa Kleypas presents a solution that sounds true and is filled with love and trust.

Itís a very straightforward story, and for that I loved it. It concentrates fully on the hero and heroine and their emotions and motivations. And to top it off, it contains a secondary storyline, which is just as satisfying and beautiful.

Iím still fairly new to Ms. Kleypasí writing, but every one of her single title releases and Again The Magic is no exception has found its place on my keeper shelf. To me, and Iím sure many other readers, her stories are a guarantee for captivating, satisfying, and yes, magical moments.

Reviewed in December 2003 by Kris Alice.

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