by Vonna Harper

August 2003
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Former policewoman Shanel Fox has had to adapt to life as a civilian since she lost her job during city budget cuts. But her need to serve has not changed, it has just taken on a new form. As a real estate agent she is as dedicated to it as she was a police officer. But her promising new career is abruptly halted, and her life undertakes a far-reaching transformation that she is totally unprepared for.

While waiting for a potential buyer to arrive at the house she is showing, Shanel is drugged, bound and abducted. Her captor takes her to a basement where she is restrained. When she regains consciousness to find that she is still bound, Shanel is dismayed to realize that her bondage appeals to her deepest fantasies. She is made to submit to a series of humiliating and arousing trials and made to submit her will to this man, her captor, her master, in order to survive. But Shanel is made of sterner stuff and that is just what her master is counting on.

Hall Marshall, a member of an elite team known as SHIT, needs Shanel’s help to put a gang of sex slavers, called The Takers, out of business and behind bars. His job - train Shanel to infiltrate the organization and get the evidence he needs to put them away. Before he can tell her why he is subjecting her body to all manner of sensual torments he must guarantee she will be able to endure what lies ahead. The question is will he survive the trials he is putting them both through and can he live without Shanel when it is all over?

Fans of BDSM erotica will enjoy this story of two lovers who submit to the love and desire they have for each other and find fulfillment together while thwarting the plans of a group of sex slaves called The Takers. This was a well-constructed book with an intriguing subject.


Reviewed in September 2003 by Cynthia.

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