by Leigh Greenwood

June 2003
ISBN: 0-8439-5095-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Leisure Books
Mass Market Paperback

Imagine being separated from the love of your life. Imagine realizing you could find this person and hopefully, resurrect your chance at happiness and love. This is what, Holt, a doctor and member of the Confederate Army Crew-Night Riders sets out to do. The war is over and he has traveled all the way to Galveston, Texas from Virginia to find his lost love.

Felicityís father is one of the doctorís in town. Holt helps at an accident site and performs surgery on one of the victims. He begins to forge a relationship with Felicity and her father. Holt realizes that Felicity has been doing a lot more work than necessary to cover a weakness of her fatherís.

While working with Felicity and her father, Holt continues to search for his lost love. Sometimes as years pass, people change. Will Holt realize which lady his heart is meant to love? Is it possible that memories idealize feelings and people more than the reality?

This is the third book in a continuing series. Texas Homecoming and Texas Bride are the first two. Having read all three of these books, I can honestly say I enjoyed Born To Love the most. There are still some issues with the revenge theme scattered throughout this story but it doesnít dominate the entire book. The actual story with Holt and Felicity is more than enough to satisfy a romance reader. Itís filled with wonderful dialogue and loveable characters.

Born To Love makes Holt my favorite Night Rider. If you wondered if the series could get any better, it has. For those, who have not followed the Night Rider series, you will still be able to enjoy this as a stand-alone novel. There isnít much in this book that is not self-explanatory. If you havenít read any books in this series run-donít walk to the bookstore and check this one out. Itís a must read for western romance fans.

Reviewed in August 2003 by Katy.

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