by Barbara Clark

July 2003
ISBN: 1-59279-058-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Amber Quill Press

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This is Book #5 of the Sons of Earth and Wind Series, and follows Desert Of The Heart, with Prince Jalil’s story.

Awash with the feeling of ‘Arabian Nights’, this is an enchanting, fast paced romance filled with nonstop adventure, ancient, mystical legends, and enduring love and courage. Ms. Clark brings the Arabian atmosphere to life with vivid scenes, and riveting action, making this a page-turner that readers can’t put down until finished reading!

Rose Maguire is an American psychic with something Prince Jalil needs: She’s the only one who can translate the ancient scroll that contains information on the legendary, mystical-magical ‘Tears of the Gods’. Jalil had disappeared from Rose’s life four years prior, and seeing him once more now leaves her confused and almost unwilling to have him disrupt her life again. But no matter how hard she tries, she can’t fight the attraction she has for the Arabian Prince, and agrees to help him.

The ‘Tears of the Gods’ is important to his country’s future and Jalil has no choice but to ask for Rose’s help, despite knowing she’s the one woman he should never be near.

Their adventure leads them across the burning sands of the Arabian Sahara Desert, and into countless dangers and perils. And through it all, their attraction grows into a love that cannot be denied. Their paranormal abilities aid them in the quest, and bring them closer together, binding them for always.

This love story is a ‘keeper’! Ms. Clark’s portrayal of a vulnerable heroine who is courageous beyond compare, and a strong-minded hero that stops at nothing to obtain what he most desires, makes it a fantastic read. A definite recommend to lovers of the paranormal romance genre! Reader fans will be glad to know that Jade Dreams is next in the series.

Reviewed in August 2003 by Kari.

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