by Shirley A. Martin

March 2003
ISBN: 1-586-08138-1
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Ms. Martin has taken the vampire romance genre one step farther by penning a love story that is emotionally sweet, sensual, and powerful.

Galen Kent has lived for centuries, alone, forever in darkness. Through out the centuries he has relentless searched for his one true love, his soulmate, Linette. His mentor, Moloch wants him to become his successor over the Undead, but Galen refuses the offer time and again. All he wants is to find Linette, and final peace.

Stephanie Novak lives in Miami and works in a bookstore. One night she is saved from a mugging when Galen comes to her rescue. Burned by a previous relationship, Stephanie is determined never again be vulnerable enough to fall in love with another man. But, against her better judgment, Galen intrigues her and she finally agrees to start seeing him.

Moloch’s rule is that vampires cannot associate with humans, and he is more than ready to kill Stephanie if he feels she’s a threat. Galen must do everything in his power to protect her not only from Moloch --- but also from ever finding out what he is.

Penned in a style that brings to life the background history of this story, the romance is incredibly endearing and emotionally warm. Readers will feel for Galen, feel his pain, his anguish, his eternal love for Stephanie.

A definite recommend if you’re looking for an unusual vampire romance that will touch the heart as well as intrigue the mind.

Reviewed in August 2003 by Kari.

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