by Nancy Gettelman

ISBN: 1-931742-32-4
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This is author Nancy Gettelman’s first work of published fiction, and she has done a wonderful job in penning a “feel-good-happy-ever-after” story with characters that are real, and situations that are very realistic.

Heroine Janice Fraser is a real estate agent. She’s had an emotionally-devastating relationship in the past that made her leery of ever caring about another man again. But when she meets a new client, David Cantwell, she’s immediately attracted to him, and it isn’t long before her feelings deepen as they spend more time together. Still, Janice has to fight the attraction for fear of eventual heartache, and she thinks she’s proved herself right when David announces that the property he wants to buy is her old childhood home she had hoped to one day own, and --- that he has a partner ---- a female partner --- that he wants to consult with before the buy. Female means one thing to Janice: David isn’t the one for her. He leaves, and Janice is left heartbroken.

When David comes back into her life, Janice isn’t prepared to face the upheaval in her life once again. But David is ready to explain his reasons for leaving, and wants the chance to make up for his abrupt departure out of her life.

Well drawn out characters, emotionally satisfying, this story is a wonderful book to sit and enjoy in an afternoon. Readers will no doubt want to look for upcoming books from Ms. Gettelman, the next one being Monsoons and Mantras.

Reviewed in August 2003 by Kari.

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