by Susanne Marie Knight

December 2003
ISBN: 1-931742-82-0
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Alien Heat takes place after the “Big Destruction” of Earth. This happened because Venus exploded and meteorites from Venus landed on earth with radiation emitting from them. Not only meteorites landed but also a puffy white flower, that they call Venusian Flowers. Only thing, this flower can communicate with the other Venusian flowers. Women are drawn to the flower all except for a few that have seen it.

Lucas Jefferson is on the decade raid to bring fifteen fertile females to his colony, Canusa. The women of Canusa are barren and for some reason, this particular village has very fertile females. This raid doesn’t go like the others before it; everyone in the village is waiting on the fifteen warriors to pick fifteen of the females.

Glyneth is determined not to be one of the females chosen that day. So she tried to camouflage her appearance. But due to a feeling Lucas decided to take Glyneth. Well, this did not set well with her and she planned on escaping just as soon as she could and she did.

Lucas and Glyneth ended up together again, due to circumstances beyond their control. Lucas was all warrior, strong, intelligent and didn't take no for an answer. Glyneth was just as strong willed and intelligent, she was also a healer and had a special gift.

There are plots of revenge, attempted murder and hatred intertwined in the story. There is also the blossoming of love between Lucas and Glyneth, and a few others as well. The interaction between what I call the main characters, Lucas, Glyneth, Hawke, Will, and Sylvia was something to see. Will was a riot and the play between the three men was interesting. Alien Heat had not only one bad character but another as well. I am hoping we will get to see a follow-up story; I would like to see Will get his just do as well as see how some other characters have moved on.

Normally science fiction is not something I will read. But I have read several books by Ms. Knight and with her writing style I knew I would not have a problem reading the story. If you haven’t read anything by Ms. Knight, you don’t know what you are missing.

Reviewed in November 2003 by Pam.

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