by Brenna Lyons

September 2003
ISBN: 1-931742-82-0
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Kayla Keating is the fullfillment of a prophecy. Or so all of the people gathered around her are saying. She isn't sure what she believes. All she knows is that she has been different all of her life. She knows things she shouldn't know. She hears the thoughts of others. She can manipulate energy for her own use. She has become isolated because of these powers. Now, she's hiding from men who want her dead.

Joe Connor has fallen in love with Kayla. Her differences make her even more attractive to him. He is her bodyguard. He is the one person who would give up his life so that she could live. Joe had lost faith in love, nearly destorying himself in the process. But with each moment he spends with Kayla, he realizes that she is his soulmate and they can't live without each other.

Things aren't prefect for the couple. Every where they turn, someone is trying to kill Kayla. Just surviving to see the next sunrise becomes a challenge. Who is Kayla? What does she know or have, that these strange men are willing to kill for? In the end, can she change just one man's life? Is that all she's meant to do?

This is a fast paced story that takes the reader on a journey through the twists and turns of betrayal. It shines light on the ways that religion can be manipulated to fit one's beliefs. Fanaticism can be dangerous not only to those who don't believe, but it can be deadly to those who do. A willingness to accept each other as we are seems to be the underlying theme of the story.

Prophecy:Rapture draws you into the story from the very beginning. I would recommend that you read the first book, Prophecy:Revelations first. Rapture picks up right where the first one ends and there isn't a lot of back ground information given.

Reviewed in September 2003 by Jenni.

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