by Brenna Lyons

August 2003
ISBN: 1-931742-42-1
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Kayla Keating is an unusual woman. Prefering a life surrounded by few friends, she is relatively content. Sure, she is a little weird, knowing who is on the phone before she answers it. She can explode light blubs and change stop lights. Those abilities make her feel different than the rest of the world. Kayla's closest connection was to her little sister, Molly.

Joe Conner has been hired by Gram to follow Kayla. He watches her in her apartment every night. Where ever she goes, he's not far behind. He's witnessed some of the strange happenings. But what Gram wants with Kayla, he doesn't know. When they meet by accident, Joe realizes that Kayla is a beautiful vibrant woman. The sparks fly between them. Unfortunately, he can't act on them.

Gram has an idea that Kayla might be a prophet. She has been lead to gather a group of people to protect Kayla. Her powers have made the wrong people scared. When they realize that Kayla is still alive, they send someone to kill her. Luckily, Joe is able to stop them before she's hurt. Taking her to a safe place, Joe begins to fall deeper in love with her. She has found her dream man as well.

Using a mixture of different religions and beliefs, Ms.Lyons manages to create an interesting story line. Her characters are dealing with complex issues and show growth throughout the unfolding of the plot. The tendency that they had to not talk to each other became a little annoying. Instead of adding tension to the story, it slowed the action down. The beliefs that Kayla talks about are thought provoking.

Prophecy: Revelations talks about the complications of faith and the strength of love. It's a complex and intriguing book.

Reviewed in September 2003 by Jenni.

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