by Donna Schmidt

May 2004
ISBN: 1-4137-1328-9
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Trade Paperback

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Set in England’s Regency time era, Ms. Schmidt pens a unique tale that blends romance with the paranormal.

Shipped to Russia as a virgin bride for an old friend of her father’s, Cassandra Eton’s entire life is turned upside down. There, she’s dismayed to meet the older man she’s betrothed to, and then suffers another shock when her stepfather and her fiancé attack her in an attempted rape. Saved by a guest, who is a Prince, Cassandra willingly accepts his offer to find sanctuary in his castle.

At his castle, Prince Dmitri Donskoy proceeds to slowly, carefully woo Cassandra. Dmitri has a secret and knows he must go slowly with Cassandra before she discovers his true identity: a vampire.

But when Cassandra is attacked by a man bent on revenge against the Prince, Dmitri has to save her life by using the means he had hoped to delay far longer. The blood exchange brings Cassandra into his real world, and she learns the truth he’d kept hidden.

Cassandra accepts this stark reality very well, easily adapting to her supernatural powers as a vampiress, and even contemplates revenge against her stepfather for all he had done to her and her mother.

This is a very interesting twist to the vampire genre, and Ms. Schmidt has penned a fast paced read that is guaranteed a happy-ever-after ending, yet leaves readers wondering if some of her secondary characters will one day get their own stories too.

Reviewed in April 2004 by Kari.

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