by Catherine Coulter

July 2003
ISBN: 0-399-15056-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Putnam

Catherine Coulter continues her highly acclaimed FBI series with her newest novel, Blindside:An FBI Thriller. In her usual wonderful style, Coulter seamlessly blends romance and mystery and then throws in a whole lot of suspense to keep things hopping. This installment features two new characters, former FBI agent Miles Kettering and Sheriff Katie Benedict. When Miles’ son Sam is kidnapped and no ransom demand is made, Miles fears he will never see his son again. That is until Sheriff Katie Benedict, and her daughter rescue Sam and return him to Miles. When several more attempts are made to take Sam, Miles and Katie realize that these villains have more than just money on their minds. Katie and Miles must discover who is after Sam and why before the kidnappers are successful in snatching Sam for good.

Blindside is rollercoaster ride from beginning to end. The plot has so many twists and turns that the reader is never quite sure who the bad guy really is until the very end. And of coarse Dillon Savich, Lacey Sherlock, and their growing family make an appearance in this novel as well. Dillon and Lacey are after a serial killer who targets math teachers, and are hot on the trail of the kidnappers with the help of Dillon’s trusty computer Max/Maxine. These two characters are still fun to read about and have become almost like old friends to me, I can’t wait to find out what is happening in their lives, as well as read about the new characters.

While many may classify Blindside as a mystery, I have to disagree. In fact, it is my opinion that it is the love story that cements the entire novel together and helps the reader connect with the characters. The characters of Miles and Katie are clearly revealed as they explore their budding love for each other and for their children and Dillon and Lacey’s relationship continues to grow as the series progresses. In fact, it is Dillon and Lacey’s relationship that provides much of the comic relief for this novel.

The secondary characters shape much of the plot in this novel as time after time, Miles and Katie are forced to react to situations not of their creation. I enjoyed the wide range of characters in this novel from FBI agents to people living in Katie’s small Tennessee town, many of these characters are easy to become attached to and I found myself wondering what was going to happen to them as much as I wondered about Katie and Miles.

Blindside is an exhilarating hard to put down novel that keeps a reader on his or her toes for the entire story. I enjoyed this book very much and highly recommend it to any one who likes mystery and love woven together in a wonderful way.

Reviewed in September 2003 by Jen.

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