by Mlyn Hurn

August 2003
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On the eve of her arranged marriage to Lord Brandeis, Avalon is stranded in the woods surrounding her father`s castle. Her horse threw her over and she lost consciousness for a short while. When she awakens, her horse is nowhere to be seen. As she decides to walk back, a noise catches her attention and she finds herself facing a tall man with long dark blond hair and full beard. The man takes her captive.

Lord Brandeis is not exactly thrilled at the idea of getting married, but it is his duty as his father`s health is fading. When he finds the beautiful young woman dressed in men`s clothes he decides that he might as well enjoy his last night as a free man, and captures Avalon, thinking that she is a peasant. Cocky and arrogant, he does not doubt for a second that she will succumb to his charms, as he would never force a woman against her will.

Even though Avalon thinks that she is going to be raped, she ends up enjoying the romp more than she would ever admit, becoming a willing partner. Sparks fly and she does not know what to make of it all. Overnight she has a chance to escape and returns to her father`s castle, quite worried about the fact that she is not a virgin anymore. What will happen to her now?

Medieval Mischief is the first historical erotic romance I`ve read from Mlyn Hurn, published by Ellora`s Cave. For those of you familiar with her work, you will find once more her characteristic narrative style. This particular book, however, has to be the most erotic one I`ve read from her so far. The first chapter alone sizzles. The story has a secondary plot that, to my delight, did not overshadow the main storyline. I do tend to be a bit fastidious about secondary plots and this one was well done. I must say that the language at times sounds a bit too modern, but it certainly does not detract from what is an entertaining and engaging read.

And what can I say about the main characters? Avalon is bratty, as she has been spoiled and sheltered all her life. Lord Brandeis (Brand) finds himself paying, and with interest, the way he treated her on their first encounter. Both of them begin their relationship intending to go no further than fulfilling their respective duties as husband and wife. In the process of adaptation, they teach each other some valuable lessons in love, patience, and communication. They grow together, which makes them quite a sympathetic couple.

For those of you who like erotic romances with a touch of emotion Medieval Mischief is certainly a must read.

Reviewed in August 2003 by Mireya.

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