by Eloisa James

ISBN: 0-06-050811-6
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Mass Market Paperback

Eloisa James brings us another heartwarming tale of love, desire and the finding of oneís true soul mate.

Lady Henrietta Maclellan has been told, her whole life that she will never marry and if she did and became pregnant, not only would she lose her life, but also that of her babeís. But that never stopped her from dreaming and wanting children of her own. She never really thought to marry any one till Mr. Simon Darby came to her small village to visit his aunt. Now, here was a man worth dreaming about. Not only was he handsome, but he had two small children; who were actually his sisters, and was looking for a wife. But the best part of all was that he did not want children of his own, perfect because Henrietta couldnít bear to become pregnant.

Simon Darby needed a wife, but most of all he needed someone to be a mother to his small sisters, who had lost their mother several months ago. Upon visiting his aunt, he never dreamed heíd find one in this tiny village. Henrietta was all that he could ever want in a wife. She was beautiful, graceful and wonderful with his sisters. The fact that she couldnít have children didnít bother him at all, considering that he didnít want any to begin with.

Everything seemed too good to be true, until a letter appears, seemingly written by him, which states, in not so many words, that he and Henrietta had spent the night together and he couldnít live without her. Of course, he never wrote such a letter, but later found out that Henrietta wrote the letter to herself, and signed his name. Why would she do such a thing? But that letter led to their marriage and now, after being very careful to not get pregnant, Henrietta is expecting their child and if she dies, he will die also.

Ms. James writes us a love story that starts out as a wonderful story of a woman desperate to find someone to love and to love her in return, a man who is very confident in himself and who will never fall in love with any woman and ends with a story of true love and the horrifying realization that love and life are very precious and could be taken from you at any time. This book touched me immensely. After going through 3 very difficult pregnancies, I could relate to the fears that Henrietta and Simon feel. Josie and Anabel, Simonís young sisters, bring a comical edge to the plot. Always striving to get attention and worming their way into your heart. The other secondary characters arenít to be soon forgotten either and I am hoping that Ms. James will continue with another book on Rees Holland, Earl Godwin and his estranged wife Helene.

Reviewed in August 2003 by Debbie.

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