by Sophie Kinsella

ISBN: 0-385-33588-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Dell Publishing
Trade Paperback

Londoner Becky Bloomwood has settled into a comfortable life. She has a promising career as a television personality reporting on financial matters. She has settled into a life with business executive Luke.

Her major problem in life is that she cannot seem to control her shopping. Even though Becky knows that Luke doesn’t have time for her avoidance and schemes, she has an endless font of rationalizations about her spending habits.

Becky finally awakens to the fact that she might lose her boyfriend when his behavior becomes more and more enigmatic. Finally, the truth comes out. Luke has been under a significant amount of work stress due to some big changes in his life. He is opening an office in New York City and invites Becky to come along with him.

The British super shopper is eager to conquer Manhattan on many levels. She just knows that the shopping opportunities in the Big Apple will be sublime. Additionally, her exotic accent will surely be an asset to any television network. Surely, she will have her own television show and be catapulted to stardom.

As Becky waits for the television networks to beat down a path to her door, she is unable to resist the lure of New York shops. She becomes a regular at Barneys, Prada and Saks Fifth Avenue, rationalizing that she has left her old debts behind in England.

Meanwhile, Luke is sinking into a deeper and deeper funk. Will Becky’s shopping and bills cause a rift between them just when Luke needs her the most?

Shopaholic Takes Manhattan is a merry sequel. It has been fascinating to watch Becky grow as a person and develop a relationship with Luke. Though she is sometimes maddening, Becky always managed to win this reader over. Luke is always dashing and in control and the chemistry between these two characters is unmistakable. Humor is liberally sprinkled throughout. Ms. Kinsella has another winner with Shopaholic Takes Manhattan!

Reviewed in August 2003 by Bree.

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