by Melanie Craft

November 2003
ISBN: 0-446-61285-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Warner Books
Mass Market Paperback

Max Giordano is a man searching for acceptance and family. He doesnít consciously realize this, of course, but Carly Martin does. She is the woman that will inherit his grandfatherís mansion, an estate that has been in the family for years. Max has never even met his grandfather but he has spent most of his adulthood trying to be the kind of man his grandfather would approve of. Heís angry and upset that his grandfather is lying in a coma before he got a chance to build a relationship with him. And just what was Ms. Martinís relationship with his grandfather? Was she only the veterinarian for his grandfatherís many pets or was there some type of love affair going on here? Max sets out to find some answers.

Just as heís beginning to learn what kind of woman Carly is, and starting to feel an attraction for her, it begins to come to light that his grandfather did not fall, as they had been led to believe. Did someone push him or help him fall down those stairs? Who would do something like that? What is the motive? Could it be a mansion left behind to be turned into an animal clinic by a certain vet?

Trust Me is a cute, light read. Max devotes a lot of energy to looking for a sinister quality in Carly but somehow he never seems to find one. The suspense over the identity of the villian adds some spark to the story and keeps the readerís interest. The characters are spunky and you find yourself enjoying them, even if Carly does seem a little too good at times. She is a constant do gooder and spends most of her adult life trying to help stray animals, stray men, and teenagers. Max is a lot more realistic on his view of life and people, even if that does stem from his disillusioned childhood.

A quick, light read Trust Mewill certainly be enjoyed by many contemporary romance fans.

Reviewed in October 2003 by Katy.

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