by Leanne Banks

November 2003
ISBN: 0-446-61173-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Warner Books
Mass Market Paperback

It’s bad enough that Delilah Montague has just lost her best friend; now she can’t get any rest, because her neighbor from hell likes to remodel his condo in the middle of the night while listening to opera at full blast. As the new director of Spa DeMay, the most exclusive spa in Houston, Delilah’s days are filled with problems like keeping the master estheticist from firing anyone who can give a facial as well as she can, and keeping the upscale clientele happy. Now she has to spend the night banging on the wall in order to get any sleep.

Benjamin Huntington III is fighting his own insomnia and disillusionment by drilling and sawing. He believes remodeling his condo might help him forget the loss of his job and fiancee. Recently associated with a prestigious law firm in Connecticut, Ben quit after finding out the firm was bribing judges, believing his fiancee, also an attorney, would follow him. Not so...leaving Benjamin to lick his wounds and return home to Houston to teach law. And now he’s living next door to the “Wicked Witch of the West”.

When Delilah rescues Benjamin from a mugger in their parking garage, she takes him upstairs to her condo for first aid. The two discover they are neighbors and begin to take each other’s measure. Benjamin likes what he sees in the curvaceous beauty with the big heart. But Delilah wants nothing to do with this hunk when she realizes that not only is he her sleep-depriving enemy, he’s a Huntington, a member of one of the most respectable families in Houston. Delilah considers herself a “bad girl”. With a preacher for a father and a wet T-shirt contest winning mother, she knows better than to show any interest in a Huntington. Not fully understanding Delilah’s disdain, Benjamin leaves after promising to return the favor that he owes her.

Soon Delilah needs plenty of help. A sleazy blackmailer suddenly crawls out of the woodwork. Her business partner is trying to take control of the spa, and if all that is not bad enough, a baby boy is left on her doorstep with the directive that she is now the baby’s mother!!! Suddenly Benjamin looks pretty good as he comes through on his promise to help her. Very good, very attractive, but hmmm...still a Huntington, very much a problem.

I love an author who can make me laugh out loud and this one did...plenty! The repartee between Delilah and Benjamin sparkles and yet Ms. Banks is excellent at showing the generosity and integrity of both of her main characters. Secondary characters abound and entertain without taking over the novel and the plot moves quickly without bogging down. When She’s Bad is the sequel to Some Girls Do which I am now going out to find and devour. There will be a third book is this series in the summer of 2004, Trouble in High Heels. Ms. Banks really knows how to turn a girl’s day around!

Reviewed in September 2003 by Vivian.

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