by Meg Chittenden

September 2003
ISBN: 0-425-19210-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

FBI agent Nick Ciacia is a driven man. Since his father’s death at the hand of a serial killer when Nick was just thirteen years old, he’s never forgotten the one clue given to him at his father’s funeral. A man called “Snowman” killed his father and then fled to Seattle. Because of that clue, Nick convinced his mother to relocate from Chicago to Seattle and now after years of tracking the Snowman, Nick believes he has found him–a man by the name of Bart Williams. Nick follows him to a Seattle market where Bart suddenly disappears.

Bart’s wife, Maddy, is waiting in the market for her husband to pick her up. When he arrives, he hurries past her and murmurs that he is going to the restroom. Furious with him for keeping her waiting, Maddy rushes into the men’s room only to discover it empty. Angry and confused, Maddy goes back upstairs in search of her husband. Nick, hoping to obtain any information he can about Bart Williams, “accidentally” runs into Maddy and reminds her they met before through a mutual friend. Acting as a concerned acquaintance, Nick offers Maddy a ride home.

Already disillusioned with her marriage, and now suspecting that Bart is not the man she thought she married, Maddy joins forces with Nick to find her husband and uncover exactly who Bart is and what he has been hiding. Maddy also has personal questions she wants answered–did Bart marry her because he loved her, or did he need a wife on his arm for other reasons? What is Nick’s real interest in her husband and why is he such a distraction when she is on a mission?

An engaging romantic suspense, More Than You Know offers a frightening plot, well-drawn characters, and a steady pace. The relationship between Maddy and Bart seemed a little unbelievable as Maddy seems too smart to be completely hoodwinked. For those already familiar with Ms. Chittenden’s work, this book is a standalone. For newbie’s like me who love the romantic suspense genre, More Than You Know should definitely go on your to-be-read list. And there is another perk to discovering Ms. Chittenden–she has an extensive backlist to work your way through.

Reviewed in September 2003 by Vivian.

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