by Susan Krinard

September 2003
ISBN: 0-425-19208-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

A werewolf and a lady of Denver society. On first glimpse, this would seem like an unlikely match. Especially since Morgan Holt is a loner, wanting no one, needing no one, and desiring nothing but his freedom. Heís earned that right since heís just getting out of a harsh jail and wants only the peace of the wilderness and his life as a wolf.

Athena Munroe is quite the opposite. Although crippled and restricted to a wheelchair, her activities on behalf of the poor and downtrodden have made her a leader in Denver society, and a shining example of philanthropy.

So what could these two possibly have in common?

Once again, Susan Krinard takes her readers on a journey into the wilderness of the mind and the spirit, contrasting Morgan and Athena in so many ways, and yet bringing them together to explore their similarities. And there are some quite surprising ones. The plot is exciting, taut, and fraught with obstacles for Athena and Morgan, some of which are infuriating, others painful.

The little family circus that Ďadoptsí Morgan is a gem. Each performer is quickly established in the readerís mind, and these are the characters who almost steal the book from the would-be lovers. Caitlin, the elfin equestrienne, harbors secrets of her own, and her business with Athenaís brother Niall is very much unresolved at the end of this book Ė do I sense a sequel in the offing? I hope so. These are two intricately written and conflicted people, and Iíd love to learn more about where their lives lead them.

For a look into the unpleasant face of fear, the hatred of those different to others, and the eventual triumph of the spirit, I recommend To Catch a Wolf. Itís enthralling, uplifting, and certainly a great escape into a paranormal world where the males are alpha and the females possess a unique strength all their own.

Reviewed in September 2003 by Celia.

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