by Jayne Ann Krentz

September 2003 Reissue
ISBN: 0-425-19250-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Trade Paperback

Together in Eclipse Bay is a trilogy of Ms. Krentz's most romantic stories, set in the unforgettable Eclipse Bay. She is such a wonderful writer, and you will truly enjoy the romance, suspense and humor of these three stories and three beautifully romantic couples.

In the first story, Eclipse Bay, we meet Hannah and Rafe, one from a family that has it all, the other one that has nothing. I love the fact that Hannah tells Rafe her "list" of requirements for the perfect husband when they meet per chance one evening that will seal their fate. I adore how Rafe cooks for her and she is the cool, elusive one, while he tries so hard to be worthy of her. Actually, their story is the first of the trilogy and my favorite. Also, I love Hannah's dog, Winston. Ms. Krentz has the timing of an expert comedian in her use of this adorable character's influence, as well as the understanding of dogs that only a dog-lover can possess.

The next unforgettable story is Dawn in Eclipse Bay, and this one is about Hannah's sister Lilian and Rafe's brother, Gabe. Again, these are two refreshing characters that are soooo romantic together. Gabe always get's what he wants, and he wants Lilian, despite the fact that she's an artist, the one type of person he confesses he never wants to date. Their relationship is filled with romance and humor, only as Ms. Krentz can tell. I love the character of Arizona Snow, and Mitchell, Gabe's grandfather, who we met in the first story and continue to have a supporting role in this one, along with pal Sullivan. Her minor characters may say little in each story, but they speak volumes.

The last story, Summer in Eclipse Bay, is truly poignent. It's Nick and Octavia's story. I just love the five year old son of Nick, Carson, who warns his dad not to upset the lady who will judge his art work for her show, and is really a C.E.O. in training if his great-grandfather Sullivan has his way. Their's is a sweet love story, with two people afraid of committment, but yearning for each other. I love the analogy that Octavia is the queen of the fairies and Nick captured her in his "net."

Do yourself, or a friend a favor and pick up Together in Eclipse Bay for several wonderful hours of reading and journey to a place where dreams come true. You won't be disappointed!>

Reviewed in September 2003 by Suemarie.

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