by Hannah Howell

November 2003
ISBN: 0-8217-7427-1
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Sir Diarmot MacEnroy has forgotten something. As the day for his wedding approaches, troubling fantastical dreams of elves and an army of angry demons disturb him. On the day of his wedding to the beautiful, unemotional proper lady he’s chosen to raise his children and tend to his keep, Diarmot comes face to face with his forgotten past. A petite, flame-haired young woman carrying two babies, and accompanied by seven flame-haired men obviously her brothers, and claiming that she is his lawful wife and the twin sons she carries are his heirs. She has come to claim her husband and all that is due to her.

Ilsa Campbell MacEnroy waited almost a year for the handsome man who rode into her life, made love to her, made her love him and then disappeared to return to her. Before he left, Diarmot swore to come back to her when the enemy dogging his heels was routed. As time went on, Ilsa’s faith in Diarmot waned as feelings of resentment and betrayal took hold. When Diarmot failed to return to her before the end of a year’s time, Ilsa’s brothers persuaded her to track him down and make him face his responsibilities.

The problem is, Diarmot lost his memory following a brutal beating he barely survived. He denies Ilsa’s claims thinking it some elaborate plot concocted by his enemies. Despite hurt feelings over Diarmot’s accusations and suspicions, Ilsa is willing to fight to win back the trust of the man she still loves in spite of everything.

Highland Groom is the latest installment in Hannah Howell’s Highland series, chronicling the lives of the Murray clan, their family and friends. It is an amusing, engrossing story that has Ms. Howell’s signature all over it; a passionate love story amidst an engaging mystery/adventure. Faithful fans will not be disappointed and newcomers will definitely have a new one to add to the keeper list.


Reviewed in November 2003 by Cynthia.

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