by Blayne Edwards

August 2003
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Dr. Chloe Evans is trying to reintroduce wolves back into the wild of her mountain home. She loves wolves and understands them in ways that go deep in her soul. Chloe longs to save them from extinction. She has come back to these hills for another reason. A secret one that she doesn't even admit to herself. She wants to find out if the stories her great-grandmother used to tell her are true. The legends of the hybrid species of half-wolf, half-man abound in her backcountry home. The woods are filled with rumors of men tied to the animal that flows in their blood. Chloe has dreamed of them since the first tale fell from her great-grandmother's lips. Yet, she hides her dreams behind a veneer of civilization.

Damon Alexander Caine is the alpha male of his pack. He knows that he needs to breed to keep the pack from dying off. Chloe living near him is driving both he, and his brothers crazy. Caine has never been able to let the animal side of him rule. That is the reason why he rules the wolves. Longing to woo Chloe and have her accept him for what he is causes Caine to have to choose between his animal side and his human side. He knows that it's not just him who will suffer if he doesn't breed and have cubs. It's his entire family.

To say that this couple has a few obstacles in front of them on the road to everlasting love is a massive understatement. Trying to decide how to deal with not just one, but two brothers ready, willing and able to keep her in bed for a very long time could drive a girl nuts. Caine not only has to figure out how to tell Chloe what he is, he has to deal with his brother, Luke, wanting a piece of the action. Luke is the beta of the pack. More than that, he is Caine's twin.

This story starts with a bang and never lets up. Chloe never has a chance to take a breath or relax as the wolf brothers circle around her. She knows what she wants, but not being able to ask for it causes a few fustrating nights for all involved. The glimpses we are given of Caine and his brothers are heartwarming and chilling at the same time. Chloe's background is a little vague except for her great-grandmother. I would have liked to have read a little more about her growing up. The glimpses we get into Luke's mind certainly has me hoping he gets his own story.

The Primal Seduction Series 1: Caine is hot. If you don't like your sex a little rough, this book might be a bit off-putting for you. But if you don't mind it, grab up this steamy story about love werewolf style.

Reviewed in September 2003 by Jenni.

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