by Laura V. Hilton

April 2013
ISBN: 9781603745079
Reviewer Graphic Button Whitaker House #2
Trade Paperback

Can you imagine two Amish adults meeting unexpectedly in a grocer isle for the first time since their times as young people with a teenage crush? Or was it just a teenage crush? And can it be anything else but that long ago relationship? You see, Janna is still Amish, but Troy left the Amish faith when a tragic accident happened. Then there is the Bishop's granddaughter, Meghan, whom Jannaís family had to deal with; the teenage girl has her own will and her own way of life, and she doesnít want anyone in her way.

I love the way Laura Hilton takes situations that seem utterly impossible and shows how God can do anything when it is in His will. With God, all things are possible when it comes to Lauraís books! I really enjoyed this sweet attraction between Troy and Janna, and despite all of the difficult situations they had to face, it was still heartwarming when these two were together.

This is a love story you donít want to miss! And if you havenít read any of Laura Hiltonís books, you are really missing a treat! You must start reading her books now!! And I encourage you to pick up a copy of Surrendered Love and the other books in this series.

Reviewed in March 2014 by Joy.

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