by Jaide Fox

August 2003
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Sabin Grey was a police officer and a good undercover cop. But he wasnít sure he could pull off this undercover assignment. The assignment? He is to be an android. Well, not just your everyday run-of-the-mill android, but a sexdroid. Could he pull it off or should I say up? He was to investigate a scientist and a leak in some very important research.

Emily Shue, a scientist, never left her home for long and even then only to do what was necessary. She even put that off as long as possible - well actually when she remembered things they basically got done. Of course, it was no help that she had pets that needed to be fed along with herself. She would be absorbed in her work and completely forget to feed either herself or her pets.

Emilyís grandmother was something else, telling Emily she needs to get out more and meet someone. Since that wasnít happening, her grandmother ordered a sexdroid for Emily. Emily was against the idea and didnít want anything to do with him at all, completely forgetting about him until he showed up at her door.

Sabin and Emily both were attracted to each other from the start. The way he played the role of the sexdroid was something to see Ė well, in Emilyís case, feel. Emily wasnít sure why she was attracted to an android, but she was. But she also had work to do and didnít know what to do with Sabin. It was funny the first night he was there.

There is also the investigation that Sabin had to do before he could tell Emily who he really was. Will he be able to solve the security leak before she finds out he is a real man and not a sexdroid? Will Emily forgive Sabin for doing his job and investigating her as well as posing as a sexdroid?

Ms. Fox has given us a tale full of humor, sex, a little mystery and a growing love between the hero and heroine. The scenes were given with such detail that I could see her office - the sex scenes were detailed as well. It was great to see the way that Emily came around to using her sexdroid and havoc it caused. The Sexdroid is a short story and one not to be missed by Ms. Fox.

Reviewed in August 2003 by Pam.

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