by Janet Marie Mills

June 2003
ISBN: 1-894869-69-9
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In Ms. Mills debut book, she theorizes that there are those who believe the world consists of layer after layer of many realities. Avintia is one of those layers. And though heroine Jacqualine Argaus lives in our present world as a graduate student, she is actually heiress to a kingdom of incredible power and overwhelming responsibilities. She is destined to battle against an unknown enemy to save her kingdom, and it becomes a race against time in which she’ll need all the allies she can find.

This story is people with many characters all playing a major roll in Jacqualine’s fight to save her kingdom, and one is Ashcroft Bitar who believes he is destined to reign at her side, and that their lives are irrevocably linked together for all time. He’s determined to decipher the mysterious prophecy that binds them together before it’s too late.

Amidst danger, intrigue, betrayal and revenge, love and hatred flourish. The action is non stop and the scenes cover each character’s path along the way to the unusual ending that leaves a reader wondering if there will be more to this story at a later date.

And, Ms. Mills has a wonderful talent in bringing to life her characters, giving them real-life characteristics that help the reader more easily identify with them. The story is layered, complex, deep in the fantasy world, and mixed with just the right amount of traits from the paranormal and scifi genres. Readers who enjoy a mixture of all three genres will find this an interesting journey into another world where just about anything is possible.

Reviewed in November 2003 by Kari.

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