by Becky Lower

September 2013
ISBN: 1-4405-6876-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Crimson Romance

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Jasmine Fitzpatrick is determined not become one of the “poor unfortunates” during New York’s high season. Last year she was presented and fell flat on her face because of a shoe experiment that went horribly wrong. She had to sit out the whole season with a broken ankle. This year she would nab a husband before the start of the season. She has her eyes set on an English title, Viscount Alistair Wickersham. Does it really matter that he is twice her age, closer to her dad than her own age? Maybe, a little bit, but that does not stop little Jasmine from pursuing him with all her might. Then she meets Parr, his “stable boy”, and now we have a problem. Jasmine finds Wickersham fairly pleasant, but when she is in the presence of Parr, she feels explosive. When they share a kiss, her head nearly explodes with all of the fireworks that are ignited in her soul. She does not want Parr, she wants Wickersham, right?

Parr knows a leprechaun has to be sitting on his shoulder for all the good luck that is happening in his life. First, a rich Englishman finds him and wants to make him an equal partner in a horse track in America and now he as met the woman of his dreams, Jasmine Fitzpatrick. Of course, he knows she is too far above him, but a man can dream. Pretty soon, Parr realizes that Jasmine is far more than a pretty face looking for a husband. She is an intelligent young woman with hopes and dreams to match his own. When he kisses her, his body confirms what his heart has known. He has to have her for a lifetime. Can Parr convince Jasmine that she does not need a English title, all she needs is him and his love?

The Tempestuous Debutante is a cute read. Initially, you may not like Jasmine because she appears to be a pompous, spoiled brat. In fact, the other characters view her in the same way. However, it is a journey getting to know her and pulling back layers of this character. I enjoyed the lesson of not judging a book by its cover. This read was a nice and easy page turner.

Reviewed in March 2014 by Lakisha.

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