by Rosemary Laurey and J.C. Wilder

September 2003
ISBN: 1-55316-118-1
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In Paradox II , Rosemary Laurey and J.C. Wilder give us two strong women who make the choice to follow their hearts with love instead of hatred.

Adriana by Rosemary Laurey takes us to a world where the Empire has invaded and crushed the villagers who lived on the land. Adriana is a young girl when her village is destroyed by the Astrians. Two women who live in the forest near her home take her in. They teach her the ways and beliefs of the Five Goddesses. Adriana dedicates her life to Rache, the Goddess of revenge.

Years have passed. Adriana is grown and has been taking revenge on the soldiers of the Empire. Until one day she meets Mark of Windhaw, an auditor for the Emperor. It is during this encounter, that Adriana learns that the best revenge is love.

The main character in the second novella, Nova by J.C. Wilder, is a strong woman who has overcome several obstacles to finally be able to make a life for herself. Nova has known the chains of slavery. She will never willingly leave another caught in those chains. So, when she wins Kelwyn in a card game, she plans on taking him to her home and setting him free.

Kelwyn is a merman. He longs to return to his home in the sea. Helping Nova to pay back her generosity, he comes to see the loving heart underneath the hard exterior. In the end, they both come to realize that love makes willing slaves of everyone.

These strong women and their lovers take us to fantastic worlds where Goddesses answer prayers and mermen swim in the depths of the seas. After reading them, you’ll be peeking into the water to see if there will be something looking back at you.

Reviewed in January 2004 by Jenni.