by Amy Armstrong

August 2013
ISBN: 978-1-78184-452-6
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Elena Meadow is a control freak. She controls her job, her fun, and love life. She is not ever going to be willing to give up that control, so she thinks. Then, her favorite Uncle Henry decides to invite her to his French villa. When she gets there, she finds the man that has been making her body secretly burn since she met him. Elena has always stepped back away from him because she can feel his dominant nature calling to her, but she is not interested in giving anyone that much power over her life.

Charles Hunt has wanted Elena ever since he laid eyes on her. His body reacts to her very presence. He knows she is the woman he NEEDS to spend his life with. Charles believes that Elena is a natural submissive, but she refuses to give into this natural part of herself. He knows that she is running scared. It is up to him to open her body and mind to a level of ecstasy she has never experienced in her entire life.

Hot for Him is a delicious read. Charles is so yummy, that you want to take Elena’s place as his obsession. This read is hot and bothering. The love scenes are sexy and exciting. You might want to pass this one on to your romantic interest to give them some ideas. I will be waiting with bated breath for the next read.

Reviewed in March 2014 by Lakisha.

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