by Sam Crescent

August 2013
ISBN: 978-1-78184-451-9
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Simon is a billionaire who revels in his hard won control of everything around him, including the women he dates. He shows no real outward emotion, and even his sexual proclivities are planned to a tee. He is the ultimate dominate, there is only one woman that he loves to show whose boss, his personal assistant, Hope Pattern. She is the first woman to make him feel out of control and Simon has decided to make her his wife. The problem is she keeps refusing, and Simon has no idea why. He knows he has had his fair share of submissives, but she is the first to stimulate his mind as well as make his body burn with passion. Simon has decided before this weekend is over she will be his wife and he will pull out every dirty sexual trick he can to make that happen.

Hope is deeply and madly in love with Simon, but she has to keep just a small part of herself back from being crushed by him. She knows she is not the stick figure model he is used to, and she is not interested in setting herself up for failure in the long run. Hope knows that Simon wants her, but does he love her is the question that has been tormenting her mind as he has been tormenting her body. She loves his dominance and control, but she needs some kind of inkling of how he feels about her. Doesn’t she deserve that much?

Belonging to Him is a sexually charged read that will excite and titillate your senses. This story explores the BDSM lifestyle and losing control can be oooh so good.

Reviewed in March 2014 by Lakisha.

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