by Cheryl Dragon

August 2013
ISBN: 978-1-78184-446-5
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Jason is both excited and scared about his upcoming nuptials to his beautiful sub, Fiona. He has always liked being in control, but their future and how she feels about them is something he cannot. Jason’s view of the traditional family was shattered the day he caught his dad in bed with another man, and to be honest he never thought he would want a “forever” with someone until he met Fiona. Now he is considered, she will not want to be shared with the other Doms, which has always been okay with her before. Jason believes marriage is going to change everything, including his sub. He is afraid she is going to become bored with him or she is not going to want the kind of kink they are into doing. His feet are not cold, they are frozen stiff.

Fiona is very excited about getting married. Even though she is not a “vanilla” chick, she has very exacting views on the aspects of commitment. She is noticing Jason has been off and tense. While she helps him get his “release”, she knows something is not quite right with him. He is driving himself and her crazy about these new revelations about what their marriage is “supposed” to be. Fiona has decided to help him snap out of it and realize he is all she needs.

Devoted to Him is a sweet yet darkly sex read about two people who live the BDSM lifestyle, but are madly in love. They are about to get married but have some strong misgivings about blending their alternative lifestyle and a loving “traditional” marriage. Both have baggage from their childhood that makes them pensive when taking the leap of faith into forever. This was a pretty good read, however, I would have liked more background information on the characters. The author touches on it briefly and then moves on quickly with the story. I would have liked more character build-up.

Reviewed in March 2014 by Lakisha.

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