by Dee S. Knight

August 2003
ISBN: 1-931761-72-X
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Katherine, our heroine is putting her daughter to sleep and at her request tells her the story of Cinderella. After she falls asleep, she joins Cole, her husband and our hero who wants also a fairy tale though this one is the adult version. So sit back, put your feet up and get comfortable for Dee S. Knights, The Cinderella Curse.

Once upon a time there was a mousy overworked employee who had two dragon ladies for bosses. Our girl, Charlotte, is tired and underpaid, but has remained because she is in love with James, the owner of the company. He embodies everything that she thinks a prince should be, everything that we have been brought to believe will make us happy. That is till one day she meets our hero, who becomes this Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother. He accepts and loves her as she is and gives her space to fly, to believe and appreciate herself and make her dreams come true. Though he helps her achieve her transformation, he already has seen her beauty below the surface. Who will Charlotte choose? Our hero-fairy Godmother or James, the rich gorgeous owner of the company? Will the two dragons get their comeuppance? For that and more you will have to read The Cinderella Curse.

I had forgotten how enjoyable it could be to read a fun and easy read with a perfect ending, a happily ever after. Don’t expect this though to be the usual read, the story is full of witty and funny repartee and Ms. Knight does know her men. She knows their sense of humor and their foibles, and the banter between good friends that become lovers. There is something so solid and balanced about this couple, her innocence vs. his knowledge, and he is a knight in shining armor. As I finished I smiled and tried to memorize two phrases that stuck to my heart from this story, both I will say to my daughter. To her I say “You are the Queen of my heart, princess of my mind, ruler of all I hold dear” and I will remind her that “To the woman who loves him, every man is a Prince.”

Reviewed in August 2003 by Haley.

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