by Christie Ridgway

January 2004
ISBN: 0-06-009348-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback

Angel Buchanan is a journalist for a respected magazine. She is shocked to find out about her fatherís death. Not because she loved him so much, but because people seem to genuinely miss him. Famous for his paintings and his family values she sets out to expose him for the fraud she knows him to be. After all heís the man who left her and her mom without a word of goodbye-to start a new family.

She ends up at a small resort, where there is no talking, no caffeine, no electronic devices and the owner, one Cooper Jones. Brother to the grieving widow and very protective of his family heís weary of her intentions to write a portrait of the ďArtist of the HeartĒ. So now Angel has to deal with her attraction for Cooper, the lack of a hair dryer, a diet of sprouts and tofu and secrets she doesnít know what to do with anymore.

Meeting the family, getting to know them, making them laugh and feeling welcomed, leave her struggling with the emotions that come from getting too involved. Too involved with her fatherís second family and too involved with Cooper. A man she canít seem to stay away from. And Cooper might be suspicious of her angelic and cute looks and see her for the person she is, he even sees the pain she is trying to hide, but keeping away from her is impossible, no matter his own personal history.

Do Not Disturb is funny, especially when Angel struggles to comply with the retreatís rules. Itís touching when Cooperís friend Judd, shows his silent devotion for Beth, the widowís sister. Itís sexy when Cooper sets out to draw Angel closer, even though he knows he should stay away. Itís sad when you witness the hurt and struggles that occur from coming to understand a person that you loved or at least thought you knew.

Sadly, Do Not Disturb is also a little too much. Trying too hard to be funny, putting in unnecessary story elements to add in some excitement and having the characters bicker and whine for a little too long. The story could have been the perfect read, all of the ingredients are there, but somehow the author didnít seem to trust herself, her readers and her characters. Itís entertaining, itís easy to read and some scenes do seem just right. Just not all of them and not all of the time.

Reviewed in May 2004 by Kris Alice.

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