by Jennifer Bernard

October 2013
ISBN: 978-0062273659
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Mass Market Paperback

We are once again visiting the Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel. This story revolves around Psycho, Patrick Callahan IV. He is definitely the risk taker and biggest adrenaline junkie of this group of bachelor firefighters. After a stunt Psycho pulls, he is back in his hometown of Loveless, Nevada to help with the wildfire that is crossing the state.

Lara is brought back to Loveless because her Aunt Tam left her the Haven. Now she must decide what to do with it and the employees known as the Goddesses. Since the command headquarters for the firefighters is in Loveless she goes to help out with the injured firefighters, hoping being a doctor will be useful.

Patrick and Lara were friends once along with Liam, Patrick’s brother. One tragic event in the past changes all their futures to who they are today. Will they be able to reconcile the past with the future? Or will it still hinder them locking them with the feelings they had before they left Loveless?

These firemen sure know how to put out a fire and they certainly send sparks flying in more ways than one. It was fun to revisit the Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel, even though we only saw glimpses of these sexy men. We learn a little more about Vader in this story and hopefully his story will be told soon.

How to Tame a Wild Fireman lived up to my expectation that Jennifer Bernard has given us with these firefighters. They might be macho and absolutely gorgeous, and they know it, but they are also kind and generous. They might give each other a hard time but when the chips are down they will be there with a helping hand.

Reviewed in March 2014 by Pam.

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