by Barbara Bretton

November 2003
ISBN: 0-425-19269-5
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Mass Market Paperback

Girls of Summer, by Barbara Bretton is set in the small town of Shelter Rock Cove Maine. Dr. Ellen Markowitz is a transplant from New York. She came to town when Dr. Hall Talbot had advertised for a partner. After a big search, Hall has decided that Dr. Ellen, as sheís been come to be known is the kind of partner he wants. What he doesnít realize for quite some time is that itís not only a professional partnership he wants with Ellen, but a very personal one as well.

Ellen has had a crush on Hall for a long time, and itís after a christening that Hall and Ellen end up moving their relationship to a new level. Itís now the day after the christening and not only is Ellen worried about everyone in town talking about the fact she spent the night in Hallís bed, but she also has to deal with the fact that her somewhat estranged sister Deidre OíBrien has shown up on her soon--to-be vacated condo doorstep with a 115 pound dog named Stanley.

Ms. Bretton has written a wonderful story of love overcoming almost all obstacles. The relationship between Ellen and her sisters improves. While itís not yet perfect they are now working on communicating, and thatís an improvement. Hall and Ellen have decided that they need to also work on their personal relationship and the gossips of the town surprise them with their reaction, and being all for for their relationship.

Shelter Rock Cove appears to be the type of town where we all would hope to end up someday. A place where everyone knows everyoneís business, yet knows when to butt in and help, and when to stay away and just observe from the sidelines. The back blurb leads me to believe that this is the second book set in this town. I certainly hope that itís not the last. I hope that you enjoy your visit to Shelter Rock Cove as much as I enjoyed mine.

Reviewed in October 2003 by Sandi.

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