by Kasey Michaels, Gayle Wilson, Lyn Stone

ISBN: 0-373-83575-2
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Mass Market Paperback

I expected The Wedding Chase to be a nice, typical Harlequin anthology revolving around Regency weddings. I always enjoy Kasey Michaels’ historical romances, so I thought that at least one of the three stories would be entertaining. I was right, her story was very entertaining, but I had completely sold the rest of the book short. I should know better.

Don’t be lulled into complacency with the Harlequin stamp of ownership. The Wedding Chase is a top-notch example of fine historical romance. The three stories are humorous, heart-tugging, delightful tales, that serve to remind us why we love to read romances in the first place.

In His Lordship’s Bed is the accidental location where Eleanor Oglesby finds herself after entering the wrong room at a crowded inn. When her sister proclaims that she is missing to the remaining lodgers, her mistake is exposed, and leads to a very hasty betrothal. Nicholas Marley, Earl of Buckland, had decided that this was the year he would marry, but he never dreamed it would be under these circumstances. Author Kasey Michaels' light comedic touch had me laughing out loud as they discovered that a fateful encounter led them both to the love of a lifetime.

In the second story, Prisoner of the Tower, author Gayle Wilson moved me to tears. This poignant and tender tale brings us the story of Emma Termaine and Alex Leighton. A chance encounter in their youth has left marks that reappear a dozen years later when they finally meet again. Alex is a recluse, shutting himself off from all but the closest family. Emma, a widow, is on the verge of seeing her stepdaughter betrothed to Alex’s heir, his younger brother Jamie. Their lives have gone forward, but a part of Alex and Emma has remained frozen in time, lost in that brief moment when they were young and full of hope.

Miss Clarissa Fortescue finds herself in need of rescuing in Word of a Gentleman by Lyn Stone. The heiress to a sizeable fortune, she is being actively pursued by her cousin, who wants his hands on her money. In order to put a stop to his unwanted advances, Clarissa turns to Hugh Richfield, a nobleman with an empty purse and a full measure of honor. While on the road to Scotland and a hasty elopement, the feisty pair discover that they are more alike than they first imagined, and that their arrangement has an opportunity for future happiness.

Each of the stories in The Wedding Chase is well-written and perfectly suited to this anthology. They are of a similar style and tone, avoiding any harsh changes in viewpoint or pace. While they each have their strengths - humor, compassion, and spirit - they mesh very well together. This is a fine addition to any Regency romance library.

Reviewed in September 2003 by Paula.