by Karen Hawkins

November 2001
ISBN: 0-380-81526-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback

A light-hearted romp with lots of sexual tension, a bad-boy hero to fall in love with and a spirited heroine well deserving of him, makes The Seduction Of Sara one of the most enjoyable reads of the festive season.

Love at first sight it was for me, what a formidable tortured hero. It promised to be a good read and let me tell you Karen Hawkins made good on it.

Nick Montrose, Earl of Bridgeton wants to return to polite society, after he was forced out of the country due a scandal involving his cousin's wife (read Karen Hawkins' The Abduction Of Julia). He takes up residency in an estate he won just outside Bath and sets out to meet and greet the right people, people in the position to support him in reclaiming his rightful position in society. With the menacing undertones of a pending disaster in the form of an illness waiting to take over his body and his fate, Nick might be suffering, but unlike in other stories he is not whining and succumbing to his ailments, not wallowing in his bad fortune. This is a man that goes after what he wants and when he wants it

Could it get any better? Yes! Enter the heroin, a willful young widow. Forced to contemplate marriage to have her wild ways curbed, Sara, Lady Carrington, is send to Bath. Not content in following anyone's orders, especially not her brothers Sara sets out to find a husband of HER liking and decides on Nick. Believing that a rake like him would grant her any wished for liberties, she sets out to beat him in his own game of seduction. She proves a willing student who in return teaches him a lesson or two.

It is a joy to follow Sara's attempts in securing a husband - Nick is not willing and the men she goes after are dropping like flies - all the while trying not to fall victim to Nick's seductive, dangerous and dishonorable charms - He does want her though! The slow, sometimes playful but more often highly sensual game of seduction has the readers anticipating the erotic reward, which Ms. Hawkins teases her readers as much as her characters with, heightening the awareness for a slow seductive smile, a revealing gesture, an enticing invitation.

Karen Hawkins secondary characters are complementing the hero and heroine's characters and actions, but are always allowed to play out their own stories, which are just as touching, delightful and compelling as the primary one. May we hope for their own books?

A story having been told before but this time so artful and enjoyable that even knowing what to expect it didn't dim the pleasure of seeing it unravel. It's on safe grounds, exactly what readers would expect of a well-crafted Avon historical romance novel. It is sure to seldom if ever to let the readers down and Karen Hawkins The Seduction Of Sara proves just that, keeping me glued to the pages to the very end.

Read it, enjoy it, be seduced by it and fall in love with Karen Hawkins' worthy characters!

Reviewed in November 2001 by Kris Alice.

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