by Jaid Black

August 2003
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The time has come for Dr. Nellie Kan Riley to decide. Should she tell her husband the truth-a truth that could help save the races? Or should she hold to the secrets that helped save her race-females-for years? In the United Americas of Earth, there are three races, males, females and sub-humans. Of the three, it is only the females who haven't turned on each other. They have supported and hidden each other. Trying to protect other females as best they can in a male dominated society. But it isn't the males that they need to fear. The sub-humans, the ones the males created in the attempt to find more power, have become too strong. There are too many. The disease is claiming more humans every day.

Nellie was working on a cure when Kerick kidnaps her. She has information that needs to be given to the unclaimed females who are working feverishly to find a way to stop the change from human to sub-human. But will her husband believe her when she tells him? For she has another secret. One that might break any bond she and Kerick have together.

Kerick has his own reasons for kidnapping Nellie. But now, they aren't nearly as important as their love. He wishes to destroy the Heirarchy which rules the United Americas of Earth. Will his wish for revenge come at too high a cost if Nellie is destroyed by it?

In the end the decision must be made. Will Kerick and Nellie find strength and trust in each other? Will their love help see them through deadly trails to find the cure that could save their races? The answers to these questions help bring the third book in the Death Row series to a satisfying conclusion.

The story is fast paced and the sex scenes are hot. The main characters of Nellie and Kerick definitely grow closer as the tension mounts. Their loving and accepting each other despite the obstacles gives them both more depth than some of the other characters. Ms. Black does a good job making her futuristic Earth believable.Death Row: The Avenger is not a stand alone book. The first two books in the series need to be read for the reader to understand any of the background storyline.

Reviewed in September 2003 by Jenni.

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