by Jacqueline Elliott

ISBN: 1-931742-57-X
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Cherise Novack was having a bad day. She had been fired from her job. Her mother had run off with her entire savings account. She was only weeks away from being thrown out of her apartment. There wasn't a light at the end of the tunnel for her. Then she was informed of an inheritance from a great-uncle that she had known nothing about. Fearing that it was too good to be true, she headed down to San Antonio.

Jovan Dolente was a vampire. He had made a pact with Cherise's ancester that one of his kin would always be Jovan's companion. But from his first glance at Cherise, Jovan knew that this companion was going to be different. Jovan had loved and lost someone hundreds of years before. His heart had never recovered from the pain. He didn't want to find Cherise attractive or give her entrance into his soul.

As Cherise learned to deal with her inheritance and all the strangness that went with it, she had to deal with her attraction to Jovan. Also, the uncomfortable presence of her mother tried to drive a wedge between her and Jovan. As the lies her mother told piled up, Cherise found herself awash in feelings that were not her own. Would the day ever come when Cherise knew who she was and where she belonged?

The theme of this book is a well-known and loved one. A vampire falling in love with a mortal. Jacqueline Elliot does a great job revamping it and making it original. Adding the haunting feel of reincarnation and past lives to the chilling and intriguing world of vampires is a wonderful touch. The characters are believable and definitely able to touch the emotions. Their trials and the obstacles they had to overcome make for interesting conflicts between them.

Full Moon Inheritance is a good paranormal with enough suspense in it to make it well worth my time to read.

Reviewed in August 2003 by Jenni.

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