by Camille Anthony

August 2003
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After a 200-year civil war, Prince Glendevtorvas (Dev) and his faction win ... but at what price? The enemy, in desperation as they face defeat, introduces a poison into their food chain. This poison makes it impossible for their fems (females) to flower, and in turn, renders their whole race sterile. The Rb`qarmshi survived the crippling war but their future does not look any better. After years of futile efforts seeking a solution, Dev learns about another insurrection that happened 1,000 years ago. A group of dissidents and their families left in exile to a distant star. Dev assembles a team of his best warriors and leaves on a quest to find the lost colony.

Glennora (Nnora) is the daughter of the ruler of the Mars colony, descendants of the banished dissidents. When she was a baby, her father sent her and her mother to Earth. The conveyance in which they were traveling crashed, killing her mother. Nnora was taken in by a human family and raised as a human. Eventually her father finds her, providing her some much-needed explanations, however, she still feels like she does not belong.

When Dev appears in Nnora`s apartment he was not expecting to be forced to act hastily. He wanted to sweep Nnora off her feet, but pressing matters both at the Mars colony and his home world, and the fact that Nnora is even more than he ever hoped for complicate matters considerably.

Camille Anthony`s Swept Off Her Feet provides a rather entertaining and enjoyable futuristic ride. Ms. Anthony introduces us to a whole new race with a rather interesting (to say the least) physiology. The main characters are wonderfully well matched. Dev is very much an alpha hero, but he is not ashamed of showing his vulnerability to the woman he has come to love. Nnora has her doubts and is quite stubborn, but she is reasonable, which makes her a rather appealing heroine. The storyline keeps the reader`s interest from beginning to end. I must say that Ms. Anthony`s introduction of a whole new language may prove a tad confusing at times, but the way in which she does so appealed to me. The love scenes are extremely erotic and well written. I look forward to read Ms. Anthony`s future work and future installments in this series.

Reviewed in August 2003 by Mireya.

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