by Stef Ann Holm

October 2003
ISBN: 1-55166-730-4
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Mass Market Paperback

Lanie Prescott is a deputy with a huge problem. The police chief of Majestic, Colorado believes that women officers should serve as school crossing guards and meter maids so they arenít put in any danger. But Lanie longs to be a patrol officer on the street and use the skills she acquired in the police academy. Soon Lanie has a new job with the Ludlow, Colorado PD and her replacement is hired out of the Miami PD. However, on the eve of her departure, Lanie learns that Ludlow has postponed her job because of an unrelated impending lawsuit. At her going away party at the local watering hole, she asks her chief for her old job back. When the chief refuses, a disappointed Lanie leaves for home and finds a guy stealing her car stereo in the parking lot. Forgetting she is no longer an officer, she takes chase in her high heels and ends up breaking her leg in the process.

Paul Cabrera is the man hired to take Lanie's job. Not only will he be a deputy; he is the new chief deputy. Tired from driving cross country from Miami, Paul walks in for a drink at the same bar where Lanie's party is being held. He introduces himself to the hot number seated at the bar and is surprised to learn that she was a deputy and that he is there to replace her. Liking what he sees, Paul leaves the bar right after Lanie, he sees her giving chase to the thief and goes after her, finding her on the ground with her leg broken. He then bundles her up and takes her to the hospital to have her leg set. Paul is feeling very protective and Lanie is happy to have his gentle attention.

The police chief is bowled over by Lanieís mother and in a move to impress her, he gives Lanie a temporary job on the dispatch desk, putting Lanie and Paul together even more. These two donít really have a chance between living so close and working so close; itís getting harder and harder to resist each other. But there is the fact that Lanie wants to leave town just when neither wants to separate from the other and Paul is haunted by a case he left in Miami and the tragic loss of a dear friend.

Majestic, Colorado is filled with delightful characters who, of course, mind everyone elseís business, but with good intentions. The mom-police chief story is almost as good as Lanie and Paulís, and Paulís mom and step-dad are warm and wonderful also. Undressed is an emotional read; you will laugh out loud and you will need a Kleenex handy. More than anything else, this is a story about finding "home" where you least expect it.

Reviewed in October 2003 by Vivian.

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