by Morgana deWinter

August 2003
ISBN: 1-58608-411-9
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Lady Bianca is known throughout the land for her power of healing, exquisite beauty, and her pure heart. When her father trespasses on a strange land and is held for ransom by the dark knight, Bianca is the only one who can save him, by taking his place as the captive.

Damian Alessandro is the dark knight, but he wasnít always so. Years ago, while attempting to defeat evil, he was cursed to live in sorrow and darkness, with the haunting threat of living and loving no more. When Bianca enters his hidden realm, his heart is touched and his passions are awakened, but he is still held a prisoner by his punishment. Unless Bianca uses the greatest power given to those who are good, Damian will be lost forever.

But removing the curse does not come without cost. In the end, the cost will be much less than the loss of love.

This book may be White As Snow, but it is definitely not cold despite its slow beginning. It is a hot, innovative twist to the Beauty and the Beast tale.

In this story, Morgana de Winter weaves a cleverly spun, erotic narrative about loss and the power of love. The characters are seductive, in particular Damian. What woman can resist such a sensual beast!

And the scenes of intimacy occur in such a stirring manner that the moans and sighs themselves whisper from the pages. Finely detailed, the scenery illuminates the drama and casts an engaging atmosphere around the story.

This is a highly enjoyable fairytale for adults. Some books promise a thrilling experience; this one delivers. I canít wait for the sequel.

Reviewed in September 2003 by Natasha.

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