by Sandra Hill

October 2003 reissue
ISBN: 0-505-52349-3
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Mass Market Paperback

Sylvie Fontaine has finally made it. After years of fighting her shyness, after years of being the proverbial wallflower, after years of being overshadowed by all the women in her own family, she has made it. A researcher for a big pharmaceutical company, Sylvie has managed to discover something even better than Viagra. Sylvie has found the chemical equivalent of a “love potion”. She only needs to complete one more portion of her experiments, to try the “potion” on humans, and all will be set.

Lucien LeDeux is not exactly thrilled for having to interrupt his two-week vacation to do a favor for his brother, René...and the fact that the favor involves asking Sylvie Fontaine to do some testing of Bayou Noir’s waters does not exactly put him in the best of moods, but there was too much at stake and he knows that he can trust Sylvie, despite the strong dislike that they have for each other.

As Lucien explains to Sylvie what the favor is about, Lucien starts munching on some jelly beans that Sylvie had on a Petri dish...when Sylvie notices, he has already eaten quite a number of them...and of course poor Sylvie almost suffers a heart attack...what he is eating are the jelly beans that she prepared for the human trial, which involved use of her own enzymes. Let the party begin!

Sandra Hill`s “The Love Potion” is the sort of book that has the reader grinning like a fool from page one...with that being said, if you feel uncomfortable under such circumstances, you may prefer to avoid reading this book during your train commutes ;-) “The Love Potion” is filled with good-natured humor, one sexy hunk of a hero (and a Cajun to boot), a stubborn but very likeable heroine, a bit of Southern “magic” and charm, a bit of intrigue, two cute, humping rats (read the book) short, the perfect recipe for a rather enjoyable and fun ride. If you fancy something light but well written, with extremely engaging characters and tons of humor, make sure to pick up a copy of “The Love Potion,” you will not be disappointed. Another winner for Ms. Sandra Hill.

Reviewed in October 2003 by Mireya.

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