by Angela Hunt

May 2013
ISBN: 978-1-4391-8205-5
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Trade Paperback

Would being a surrogate mother be worthwhile, considering what a woman has to go through to have a child? Would it be worth the money you are paid? In Amanda Lisandraís case, things didnít go at all the way she planned. And the worst of it is that Amanda is sure she actually gave away her and her husbandís own flesh and blood, and how could this have happened?

Author Angela Hunt writes yet another masterpiece in her new book, The Offering. I love books that capture my attention in the first few pages, and this one did that for sure. Angela Hunt weaves together the story of a family struggling just as we all do to make a better life for their family. And since Amanda didnít have a college education, being a surrogate mom just sounded like an awesome way to put her family ahead financially. But as we follow her journey, the twists and turns that take place in this amazing story will keep you so engrossed in this book that you will have to remind yourself to come up for air!

I love, love this story, but it is difficult to read some of it because it is so heartbreaking and very sad. And I really wish I hadnít read any reviews or the back of the book because it just gives away too much information. I like to know a little about a book, but that's it, just a little. I read so many books that, if given too many things to think about, I can figure the story out, and I really donít like that. I like the surprises of finding out everything while reading! The Offering is sure to entertain you for the time you are reading it, as well as long after.

Reviewed in March 2014 by Joy.

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