by Nora Roberts

August 2003 Reissue
ISBN: 0-428-19038-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Trade Paperback

As a reporter at a small Chicago television station, Deanna Reynolds has her future well mapped out. She’s an ambitious young woman with her eye on the prize – a seat at a network news anchor desk. However, her plans seem to be right on track when she is given the opportunity to work with her mentor and friend, Angela Perkins. Angela is on the way to the top and wants to take Deanna with her. The question is how genuine is Angela’s friendship and how much will it cost Deanna?

Angela lives her life according to the old adage; keep your friends close and your enemies closer. She will do anything to stay at the top including making sure that any possible rivals are securely under her thumb. When Angela’s scheming backfires she is the unwitting catalyst that skyrockets Deanna’s career and opens the door to a new love, journalist Finn Riley; Angela’s former lover.

Finn is the network’s golden boy; he’s never met a story he didn’t like. He falls head over heels for Deanna; he is attracted to her enthusiasm and enchanted by her willingness to face challenges head on with class and poise. Unfortunately, their relationship is shadowed by the ardent attentions of a secret admirer and Angela's spiteful plans to maintain her place on the top of the heap.

Out of all of Nora Roberts’ books this is one ranks among the best. A wonderful romance mixed with a spine tingling suspense, and considering the fact that the story was originally written and published 10 years ago the setting and political backdrop are still relevant to a contemporary audience. Nora never fails to entertain with each new story and family of characters. I hope you’ll love this one as much as I did. This new trade paperback format is great if you've worn out your old paperback edition. Grab a cup of tea, plant yourself in your reading chair and while away an evening with this classic.


Reviewed in August 2003 by Cynthia.

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