by Robin Maderich

July 2003 Reissue
ISBN: 0-9729379-1-9
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Trade Paperback

There is a sense of unease in the city of Boston for the Revolutionary War is just around the corner. As Faith Ashley is traveling back home from a visit to her father, she is stopped and harassed by the British army. Fletcher Irons, a loyalist soldier, appears out of the gathering that has formed to watch the drama, and stops the harassment. In return, Faith gives him a ride to the city making it clear she has no interest in developing a relationship with him. When she arrives at her trusted friend Ezra Briggs' home, she gets a surprising question she will have to answer.

Faith is a widow and a firm believer in the Patriot cause. Fletcher, though he stirs some long-ago buried feelings of desire in her, is a member of the opposite side in the war. Not only is he a soldier for Britain but he is also a lieutenant. They try to be together and avoid the issues that are tearing them apart, but this is only temporary. Finally, torn between their love for their countries and each other, these two make some interesting stops and starts in their relationship. They both want to remain true to their countries in the ensuing battles, and it will cause their romance to be delayed for long periods of time.

Faith And Honor was an enjoyable read, with a sweet ending. The time period and setting show an exceptional attention to detail. The characters are well developed and the plot was interesting. There are times when the details override the story, but overall, it is a good book with some unique aspects and plot turns. Faith has a remarkable grasp on her own freedom and independence. Throughout the story she strives to convince Ezra that she is perfectly happy being on her own, and actually prefers it that way. Fletcher is a good man, trying to act with honesty and integrity in both the land war and his inner struggles with the emotions he feels for someone from the opposite side of the battle.

The conflict between Faith and Fletcher is confronted at each turn, but a clear solution does not present itself until the war ends. They both hold true to their convictions to their countries, and this causes their relationship to be put on hold until the war ceases. While not a history buff, the depiction's of the war and the details to the uniforms and dress of that era seem to be correct.

Faith And Honor is the first in a trilogy. The second book, Promises Of Honor, will be released later this year. The Revolution was such a turning point for America and in history, that any book in this setting is appealing, and to learn so much about this great conflict was fun. If this piece of history intrigues and engages the reader, then Faith And Honor will satisfy.

Reviewed in July 2003 by Katy.

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