by Rita Gerlach

February 2001
ISBN: 1-588-51300-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Publish America
Trade Paperback

Imprisoned and fearing the worst Matthew Hale is surprised to learn that he isnít to be hanged for being a traitor after all. Instead he will meet a worse fate of being sold as a slave and must remain a slave for seven years. However fate comes to the rescue when a man named Edward Carey is the highest bidder and takes Matthew home to his plantation. Carey isnít like most slave owners in the cruelty department and he takes a special interest to Matthew. Hence, Matthew is given the assignment of bringing his daughter home so he can gain a sense of peace before he passes on.

Laura Carey has been raised by her Uncle in England and is not at all sure she wants to leave for the colony. Yet, as events unfold and her betrothed turns out not to be what she desires she has a choice to make. Should she follow her heart or her loyalty to her uncle for what heís done for her?

An interesting historical romance, The Rebelís Pledge is a fine debut by this author. It combines a sweet romance, some high packed action, intense moments for both of the main characters, and a nice attention to detail. Readers find themselves enjoying the imagery of England and the colonies almost as much as the romance.

There were a few rough periods where the reader sympathized for some of the situations that Matthew and Laura found themselves in. The Rebelís Pledge should be enjoyed by any historical fiction or historical romance fan.

Reviewed in December 2003 by Katy.

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