by Rita Gerlach

September 2003
ISBN: 1-592-869-16-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Publish America
Trade Paperback

Rebeccah Brent is lonely and waiting for her father to return from the colonies. Upon his return he dies and she is forced to go live with her uncle Samuel Brent and his two daughters. Rebeccah is a wonderful person who has a heart of gold and is compassionate to everyone not matter who they are. She also looks like an angel and is suppose to marry Sir Cecil Lanley. She is opposed to the marriage because she doesn’t love Lanley.

John Nash, better known as Jack, is headed back to visit his parents in England, just outside of London. He knows war is on the way with the British and he wants to see his father and stepmother one last time before war breaks out. Jack visits Samuel Brent and is intrigued to find a beautiful and spirited young lady there.

Rebeccah and Jack both are drawn to each other and fall in love. But can the love they share for one another be enough for the times ahead of them and the secrets that are hidden?

There are several secondary characters throughout the story that make it for an interesting read. The characters in both England and the colonies, and there are several different subplots going on at the same time. The story was not all about Rebeccah and Jack getting together.

Thorns In Eden is a historical story with a lot of history intertwined throughout. It seems at times the story dragged on in several places and was bogged down with the too much descriptions of different areas. Since the story continues in Everlasting Mountains, I am hoping we will get to see several of the characters again, and that the estrangement between Rebeccah and Jack is resolved.

Reviewed in January 2004 by Pam.

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