by Suzanne Brockmann

July 2003
ISBN: 0-345-46227-0
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After teasing readers for five previous books with Navy SEAL Sam Starrett and FBI agent Alyssa Lockeís passionate love hate relationship, Suzanne Brockmann finally delivers their story in her first hardcover release Gone Too Far. Boy what a delivery, the finished product was defiantly worth the wait.

Sam Starrett has come to Sarasota Florida to find out why his soon to be ex-wife Mary Lou hasnít returned the divorce papers that should have been returned nearly three weeks ago. Sam arrives on Mary Louís doorstep to discover a very badly decomposed body of a woman and finds his daughter Haley nowhere to be found.

Sam, being the husband, is of course the number one suspect in the womanís death and Alyssa is soon called in to head up the murder investigation. The FBI wants Sam to come in for questioning. Of course Sam canít go by the book, his number one mission is to find what happened to his daughter with or without Alyssaís help. Alyssa believes Sam is innocent of the murder but she will have to put her career and her heart on the line to prove it.

Meanwhile back in San Diego Lieutenant Commander Thomas Paoletti, CO of SEAL Team Sixteen has been arrested and charged with treason in connection with the attempt on the Presidentís life some six months earlier. Tomís family and SEAL team members rally around him and set out to prove his innocence despite the mounting evidence against him.

With one SEAL suspected of murder and another suspected of treason things arenít looking good for SEAL Team Sixteen. Itís almost as if someone is deliberately trying to make the SEALS look bad.

As is characteristic with Ms. Brockmannís work in this series there is a lot going on in Gone Too Far. In addition to the main story between Sam and Alyssia, the reader gets to catch up with many of the characters from the previous books. Ms. Brockmann has a gift for tying all of her many plots together and keeping the story flow running smoothly. This would be a real challenge for a less talented writer.

Ms. Brockmann develops the characters of Sam and Alyssia more fully in this book. Through flashbacks into their lives we get a glimpse of the circumstances that made them develop into the people they are today. This helps the reader to understand why they react to situations the way they do.

Also as in previous books, Ms. Brockmann has a WWII sub-plot woven into Gone Too Far. This reader found this installment particularly intriguing as it deals with the role of African-American and female pilots during this war. It was very interesting and fit into the story line quite nicely.

With a passionate roller coaster ride for Sam and Alyssia, suspense to keep us on the edge of our seats, a pace that has the reader frantically turning pages and a growing undeniable attraction between Max and Gina, Suzanne Brockmann has delivered another winning read with Gone Too Far. This book is a definite keeper. I have only one complaint Suz about Max and Gina, give me a call, I canít take a six-book wait to finally read their story. Please make it soon.

Reviewed in July 2003 by Barbara.

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