by Irene Hannon

June 2013
ISBN: 978-0-8007-2249-4
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Trade Paperback

Irene Hannon knows how to write a book that captures your attention after the first word, and sticks with you well after you have finished the very last word. I love her romance suspense books, and it was interesting to read an Irene Hannon romance without so much of the suspense. That Certain Summer certainly did not disappoint!

Val moved away from home years before leaving Karen to take care of her mom. When Karen calls Val to come home to help, the two sisters renewed a relationship in a way they never knew was possible. They had really never been close, but this time together brought out the secrets and problems causing their stressful relationship. Following these two sisters was hours of entertainment that I am glad I was able to experience. The characters were very realistic and I could relate to them and their difficulties and struggles. Getting to know Karen and Val as they reunited themselves was a heartwarming experience, and I loved the romance the two found themselves involved in. The girls certainly didnít know what was in for them when they spent this special summer together.

This is such a fun, heartwarming and interesting story to read during your summer vacation! You will enjoy this new book from one of my favorite authors, Irene Hannon. And donít forget to look for more from Ms. Hannon in the near future!

Reviewed in March 2014 by Joy.

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